Spicy Classics Music

Spicy Classics ‘the pepper’ stands for classical music, cross-over, adventure, socializing. Ready to try something new with friends? Visit a Spicy Classics concert, have a beer and be dazzled. We’re working on a new edition: stay tuned!

The daily pepper

Spicy teaser!
Spicy Classics april 2016
The Holy Pepper

We swear on ‘The Holy Pepper’ you won’t be sorry you came, for it deserves the true meaning of the name ‘event’ in its purest form.

Dictionaries, what would we be without them…

event   ɪˈvɛnt/   noun

  1. a thing that happens or takes place, especially one of importance.

“the momentous political events of the late 1980s”

Pepper Analysis

Your Pepper Analysis

#1 It’s Saturday night and raining. What are you thinking?

#2 You are at coffee bar. The only available seat is in front of a stranger reading sheet music.

#3 You come across classical music with a cool new twist. What’s your twist.

#4 In an alternate world you’re the head of a tribe.

#5 Would you rather be:

#6 Do you need excitement in your life?

#7 It’s your day off, you go…

#8 Someone insults you in public...

#9 Do you like it spicy?

#10 You are best described as: