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Spicy Classics ‘the pepper’ stands for classical music, cross-over, adventure, socializing. Ready to try something new with friends? Visit a Spicy Classics concert, have a beer and be dazzled. We’re working on a new edition: stay tuned!

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…it has been quiet for a while but that’s because we’re working on something new! Stay tuned, follow us on facebook or instagram OR: contact us about your awesome idea for a next edition of Spicy Classics. Looking forward to it!

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We had a blast last January with TEMKO! We traveled through time and space where classical music and NASA data came together. And all of this while having drinks in an awesome setting. We are working on a new edition of Spicy Classics, follow us on facebook and instagram to stay tuned!

Pictures: Julien Delaye


Pepperchallenge! One week left before the new edition of Spicy Classics will start with TEMKO‘s Darkness Rises! Wanna win 2 tickets for one of the concerts? We dare you to eat a spicy pepper Share your video with us by using #spicyclassics.



After more than 30 years, it appears the venerable Pioneer 10 spacecraft has sent its last signal to Earth in 2003. How does it sound to be lost in space?
TEMKO‘s Darkness Rises perfectly translates this Nasa mission of Pioneer 10.

Curious about what you can expect during the#spicyclassics concert? Find out here:

Furthermore, you can download the album of TEMKO – Darkness Rises on Spotify right now!

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